Code as a Service

Code as a Service

We advise, strategise, specify and design software!

What we offer

We will serve your needs within software engineering based on your requirements and our availability. We have several experts in multiple areas that can provide Platform Engineering Security, Performance & Accessibility Advice.

Platform Engineering Security, Performance & Accessibility Advice

Platform Engineering Security, Performance & Accessibility Advice

We offer platform engineering advice and architectural support for engineering projects & teams to help them understand and improve their software’s security, performance and accessibility.

Client-Side Web Accessibility (WCAG)
Client-Side Web Services
Online (Cloud) Platforms (Client & Server)
Online (Cloud) Storage Services
Authentication Services (OAuth)

Secure Development Lifecycle Advice

We offer support with implementing and improving your company’s secure development lifecycle and processes that help your company improve their engineering practices.

Secure Development Lifecycle Advice
Enable managing security of 3rd party libraries
Enable security to be part of Development processes

About our experts

Our software engineering experts are here for you to advise, strategise, specify and design software, enabling your software developers to build better & secure software.

Lead/Senior Software Engineers

Typically, our experts (also called consultants) are dedicated lead/senior software engineers with years of professional experience. In the field, they spend quite a lot of time collaborating with various stakeholders, capturing project requirements, and translating them into concrete technical objectives.

Our experts offer business-related knowledge and can combine technological decisions with business goals. That brings remarkable value to your development projects.

Break Down Boundaries

They help to break down boundaries between development, operations, and business. It allows for an undisturbed flow of knowledge for your company and supports business-driven decisions.

Projects & Rates

We are available for any project, from short to long term projects, one-off projects or specific new project/start-up kickoffs.

Depending on the experience of our available experts and the requirements for the project we can define the hourly base rates together with you. Contact us to get a precise quote for a specific request.

Our rates can differ depending on your needs and requirements and the available experts.

Programming languages & frameworks within our expertise

JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Angular
Python, GoLang, Java, PHP, PostgresQL, SQL, NoSQL, GraphQL
Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Github Actions, Cloudfront, Cloudflare, AWS, Azure


Our setup follows a remote-first mentality where we bring our own devices and tooling to help you without the hassle and extra costs of providing any work location, devices, etc.

We aim to have our experts work fully remote in a location they think is suitable for them, and on the other hand, keeping in mind the working hours of the client. Of course, sometimes work cannot be done fully remotely. We can discuss those requests with you to define special arrangements if needed.


Contact us for a quote or for other questions about our services.